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Oh yeah, it’s getting ridiculously busy now! Christmas is under a week away, i’ve got shopping still to do, uni work has mounted to the point where i would be much happier quitting work and ploughing on with uni stuff, but this is the real world, and in the real world we have bills to pay. smiley icon: sad Game is also getting stupid busy right about now, and thanks to our glorious leaders at Head Office, we are open more hours this year than last (including christmas eve, boxing day and new years day) but we have less hours for staff to work, meaning we are understaffed compared to last year, with more work to do. Oh the fun! :frown
On the plus side i’ve now finished uni until next year and the Mafia thread over in the forums has been resurrected. Which is nice. I’m still playing Neverwinter, and i’m only just approaching Chapter three. Man, that is a BIG big LARGE game. LOTR:ROTK is out, and i am ashamed to say that i have not yet seen it! Too busy to see LOTR. It’s all wrong. All wrong. *shakes head*

Today is the third day in a row when the mist surrounding our village has not lifted at all. The sun is too weak to burn it off, and so the last three days have been greyed out dimness, which is starting to get to me. Driving back from Charley Bassets last night was ridiculous. Shouldn’t it be snowing about now rather than being grey misty greyness?
I’m working Boxing Day, which is very annoying, but our boss is cool so i didn’t want to let him down. I tell you something though, if we get inundated with customers bringing stuff back like last year and i get a comment like ‘i wouldnt want to be working today’ i am going to hit the roof. A nice ‘Neither do i, but because people like yourself feel a pressing urge to go shopping that can’t be quelled for a single day, we staff -have- to work. Now bugger off’. At least im not working New Years day this year. Damn i dislike working in retail. You have to deal with some seriously annoying people. For example last night, when there were three staff in thanks to head office, and we took more in the last three hours than in the rest of the day - we had to deal with a typically annoying customer. A lady who wanted to price match some games from Argos with a queue all the way to the entrance of the shop. We explained that in order to do that we’d have to phone them up and confirm they have some in stock. Hanley was very very busy, but she said ‘go on then’. In the end we matched it, she came to pay by cheque but her card wasn’t a check guarentee card: ‘yes it is, the other shop took it’. ‘No, it says Cash Card on it, and doesnt have a guarantee amount’. ‘OK, try this card’ she says, pulling out an identical card. All in all we wasted 10min on her while the queue built and she was being rude. And it’s that sort of person that makes me hate retail.

Tonight after work i went to The Star with Mike H, Tara, Ben, Tom, Matt, Kath and Mike. To be honest i was too tired but it was a fun night anyways, an rather oddly me and Kath saw our uncle up there. Which was odd. smiley icon: joke Mike’s phone decided to commit suicide today and reset itself to it’s factory defaults, deleting all his messages, phone numbers and everything, except his Interstate 76 video. Which is beyond crazy. Good old Microsoft for you there i feel, and also the curse of Mike and a New Phone. They tend to get broken very quickly. The last one leapt out of his hand and onto a concrete step mere days after being bought, parting the volume control from the rest of the phone. Anyway, I’m dead tired, so i’m going to watch a few Photoshop CS tutorials, play a bit of Neverwinter and then sleeeeeeeep. smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

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