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Firefox 3 beta 5 is out

And it’s a complete dog. Don’t make the mistake I did and download it to replace b4 as a main browser. Where b4 was solid as a rock, b5 has frozen four times and crashed three times in the space of two and a half hours. Awful (yes I know, dont use beta’s as a main program - but b4 was fine, as was b3. And I like living on the edge when my expectations are that any FF beta doesn’t crash more than once a day).

I’m guessing it’s to do with the “native user interface widgets”. My issues have all come when switching/creating tabs or simply alt-tabing back to Firefox from some other program. Also, the new tabs are ugly as sin - the gradient background for where the tabs sit just makes the interface look broken when the row is full. Sadly b5 is a big step backward from b4 in terms of stability and looks. I really hope someone makes a nice skin for Windows, because visually I’d rather FF2 than FF3 as it stands now. The newest round of OS visuals integration makes it look worse.

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