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A family visit, and Granddad's birthday party

First things first, if you’re not family you will more than likely not be interested in this post or the photos/videos. Just letting you know. smiley icon: smile I’m very late in getting this entry up, but my excuse is that I’ve been busy, and was hoping to get the video and photos uploaded through my control panel once I finished it. I’ve not finished it. So they are all being attached the old fashioned way, which takes hours. Anyway…

My parents and Gran and Poppa came over to Llandudno for a visit Feb 23rd. The weather was good and we wandered around the Llandudno for a while, spending the rest of the day chatting in the flat and having a meal out in one of the hotels along the sea front. It was a nice weekend, and it was good to have everyone over.

Sunday 9th March was Granddad’s surprise birthday party. Owing to my car getting a service and MOT on Saturday I had to drive there and back again on Sunday. There was barely room in his house for all the family, and there were extended relatives I’ve not seen in years, cousins, aunts, great aunts, second cousins, and more. It was a good day, and I hope that Granddad enjoyed it too smiley icon: smile

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