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Bank holiday sunday

Sunday was a nice day. Heather came over to Bangor to pay us all a visit, which was great! I’ve not seen her since Uni finished a few months ago and catching up was very cool. It’s nice to see that things are working out for her. We all spent the afternoon relaxing, enjoying a swift snack and bevy at Varsity and Fat Cats before Ben had to leave for work. After that Rach (or Pfwurble if you prefer), Heaths, and myself went for a chat and a stroll along Bangor pier, which was somewhat surreal as there was a rather odd quality to the light. The sun was low and the water dead calm, save for the ripples thrown off the wake of a couple of boats. Llandudno was pretty clear in the distance, and there was barely a cloud in the sky. It looked and felt very nice indeed. Unfortunately Heaths had a train to catch so we didn’t get chance to play aerobie like we planned, and had to leave the pier just before the sun disappeared over the hills of Anglesey.

Rach stopped off at her place on the way back, so it was just Heather and myself walking to the station, and it was nice to get a quick chance to chat with just the two of us. I have to say I’m glad I did walk with her considering the brief incident with three monkey-boys in burberry caps while sat waiting for the train. Using public transport has got to be a rather frightening thing for anyone on their own, let alone a good looking girl. Suffice to say the local chavs were predictable in their sophisticated attempts at charming a lady using nothing but rudimentary four letter words. Fortunately Heaths seemed non-plused, and I was wise enough to not rise to it - I can take being referred to as ‘that geek’ without much bother, it’s hardly original. They got bored fast after neither myself nor Heather rose to it. Just makes me glad I was there - I didn’t need to do anything fortunately, apart from feel bad for letting Heaths deal with some degrading talk while I kept a quiet eye on them, but I figured back-chat at that point would have only made matters worse. I was ready if it did go bad, but it didn’t. I’d not like to imagine how they’d have been if she were on her own. And the government wonder why people don’t use public transport these days. Forgetting about the inconvenience and astronomical cost, there’s the issue of the modern public having rather too many abusive morons in it, and there being no-one around to deal with them. Can you imagine having to go through that just when getting a train? Or perhaps having to spend 2hrs on a train with those sort of people? Ha! Screw that idea.

Anyway, after a brief hug and another fine example of my inability to speak coherently when saying those damned goodbyes, I wandered over to Vicki’s house where she and Ben were chilling out after work. We didn’t do much apart from chat and watch a bit of TV, but it was a nice end to a pleasant day.

Now, consider yourself lucky I didn’t decide to write a blog post about modern attitudes and the lack of a sense of individual responsibility being the defining trait of this degenerating nation. *nod*

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