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Disable WinXP restart prompt after installing auto-updates

There is a way to get rid of one of the most dangerous and moronic User Interface behaviours WinXP throws at its users…

There are times when I have to use Windows, mainly because Lightroom and Photoshop don’t yet run on Linux. So, twice I have lost data thanks to this utterly stupid behaviour exhibited by this horrible Operating System. I have been typing away, looking at my keyboard or some notes, the “restart” dialogue box has popped up while I wasn’t looking, and I hit enter for a new line. Only the restart dialogue has hijacked focus, and by default it’s got the “restart now” button focused. Bang, PC restarts and there’s no way of stopping it or saving that important document you were working on. Utterly moronic behaviour for an OS. So, here’s how you stop it from ever doing that again. Disable WinXP restart prompt after installing auto-updates.


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  1. Tracey posted 3 days, 18hrs, 47mins after the entry and said:

    THANKU!!! Matt, you are a star. How many times have I lost it when this happens…..
    I'll follow the link.

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