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Web Development Round-up

A few interesting things going on with regard to web development at the moment, I thought I’d post them all at once rather than spam the ‘of the moment’ column.

A List Apart: Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid

Typography on the web is a limited and annoying thing, but that’s no reason to not do our best and lay things out as well as possible.

Roger Johansson: Adding vs. not removing accessibility

A nice way of turning the old argument on it’s head. Accessibility isn’t something you add to HTML, it’s something that poor designers remove.

Roger Johansson: 50.4% of respondents maximise windows

Roger presents a breakdown of a survey he made on his website, it gives a breakdown of the resolutions people use and what percentage of each browse with a maximised window versus a non-maximised window. Interesting if you’re a web designer, though remember this is only a snapshot of people who are ‘web savvy’, and the trends reported are unlikely to be wholey representative of Average Joe’s browsing habits.

Eric Meyer: Reset Reasoning

Eric ‘father of CSS’ Meyer has recently posted a number of articles about how to handle style-resets in CSS. Interesting reading. Reset Styles, Reworked Reset, Reset Reasoning.

Jonathan Snook: The death of comments

An interesting question about whether comments in blogs are to become a thing of the past thanks to relentless spamming.

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