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Dreamhost, back on track

In the past I’ve had my complaints about my hosting provider, Dreamhost, but since The Ongoing Disaster part one and part two were resolved they have been quite reliable. I’ve had a couple of dealings with customer support recently, and they’ve been very good experiences once again. Here’s an example of the last contact I had with them…

Subject: Re: request for assistance duplicating a domain to a sub-domain


> I currently run a custom blog on my website (mattwilcox.net) which I
> have coded myself. I am in the process of writing a newer version on
> my local machine and would soon like to host this new version with you
> under a subdomain (beta.mattwilcox.net) in order to test it before
> replacing my existing website. I have had no trouble setting this
> domain up, thanks to the excellent control panel. My question is this:
> is there a way to duplicate my existing website at mattwilcox.net to
> beta.mattwilcox.net? I ask because there are about 200Mb of photos
> which would take forever to download and re-upload (stupid UK
> broadband and its pre-historic upload speeds). Duplicating my mysql
> database under a new name isn’t much of a problem as it’s only about
> 3mb, so I’ve no trouble doing that the good old manual way, but
> shifting so many files would take a long time, and I’ve often
> experienced problems with large numbers of files over FTP - sometimes
> a few just don’t ‘go up’ properly while in a bulk upload. If you could
> let me know how to duplicate my main domain to a sub-domain (or even
> if it’s possible) that’d be brilliant.

Well, since both the domain and the subdomain are setup under the same user and since you’ve got a shell account, you can log in through the shell and copy the files from one directory to the other. That way there’s no need to download and re-upload those, just get the server to do all the work. smiley icon: wink I’ve gone ahead and done that for you, but just for your reference the commands that I ran are:

cd /path/to/directory/mattwilcox.net
cp -R . /path/to/directory/beta.mattwilcox.net/

And that’s copied everything from mattwilcox.net to beta.mattwilcox.net.
smiley icon: smile If there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know!


Craig, Dreahmost support.

I think that’s brilliant service, and it was replied to surprisingly quickly, especially given the 170+ support tickets that were open when I submitted my own. Thanks Craig.

Oh, please note that the beta mentioned above is private for the time being smiley icon: smile

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