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Radio Matt, broadcasting now.

You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of last.fm, what with it’s ability to monitor my musical trends, suggest new music, and there’s the absolutely awesome personalized radio to take into consideration too. I’d have to be crazy to not love last.fm. Well, as a subscriber I’m in on the new beta, and part of that new beta functionality is the ability to link to my own personal radio station(s) from here on my website. So, if you want to know the sort of music I listen to, check it out right here. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions and general availability, this doesn’t cover all the stuff I’ve played or some of the more obscure tracks (and even some popular ones). If the player doesn’t show properly please let me know - I’ve hacked up the default HTML, as it was icky. It works fine in Firefox on Ubuntu, but I’ve not yet checked it in IE.

On a side note, I’m getting a little concerned that perhaps my taste in music is becoming… odd. Why? Well because I’ve just realized that the quite frankly brilliant, but decidedly odd ’samples’ that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were using in their tracks was actually Firefox playing a completely different selection of tracks at the same time I was listening to “Show Your Bones” on my Ubuntu player. *cough* Somehow the two entirely separate tracks worked well as a harmonious yet entangled whole.

Matt’s personal radio station

This is a collection of all the tracks I’ve ever listened to that are also available on last.fm. As I’ve already scrobbled 9,000+ times, this station should keep you entertained for a fair few hours, despite it missing a fair number of tracks that I listen to a lot (because last.fm don’t have a license to broadcast those missing tracks).

Matt’s “loved tracks” radio station

These are tracks I’ve explicitly marked as “loved”. There are a couple that were accidental clicks, and perhaps a few where I was getting trigger happy, but there’s no way to remove those aberrations.

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