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Karova moves premises, has a party!

Google Christmas presents rock

At work we thought it was great just hearing about Google giving away Christmas presents. But to our great surprise and delight, we went and received a couple! smiley icon: laugh I can tell you that Google love in the office hit new unprecedented highs as we all gathered round the mystery boxes before exclaiming with delight upon seeing some sweet digital picture frames! Thank you Google!

Karova move premises

Saturday saw the vast majority of the Karova team turning up at work (yes, on a weekend!) in order to clear out our offices, ship everything over to Bangor, and set up shop in shiny new premises! It’s been a good year for us, full of challenges and also full of successes - and because of that we’ve outgrown our old office space (despite taking more new rooms during that time). Having started at 8:30am, done three round trips with the removal van and a number of cars, we finally finished moving in to our new place after dark fell. It’s looking really good, and it feels like a fresh start. Our new place is better suited to our needs in a host of different ways, and I think everyone is really looking forward to settling in on Monday. It was a long hard day, but we managed to get everything done just in time. Photo’s are attached.

Karova end of year party

Saturday night was also the Karova end of year party, which was one reason why the move had a little added impetus. We were booked into the pub for 7pm and there was a beautiful three course meal, wines, and beer waiting! After the meal we headed for Weatherspoons in Colwyn Bay, knocked back a few more drinks, then headed to some other pub to do more of the same. It was a great night, though I left the majority of people about midnight. I don’t drink - and there comes a certain point where drunkenness becomes non-fun unless you yourself are also a little sloshed. I trust the guys and gals had a fun night, and are even now nursing sore heads and unexplained bruises! smiley icon: laugh No photo’s I’m afraid.


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  1. Philip Roche posted 12hrs, 10min, 2sec after the entry and said:

    I am very glad that there are no photos, I have an unexplained bruise on my head and keep getting glimpses of myself dancing like a kangaroo - never again smiley icon: wink

  2. Gareth Evans posted 6 days, 19hrs, 22mins after the entry and said:

    Awsome new office! Looks very sexy!
    Needs some posters of nekkid wimmin I think!


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