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Goodbye Nanna

My Nanna has been ill for a long time, and in recent months her frailness became concerning, and then it became quite clear that she was not long for this world. The Wednesday before last, Nanna died.

Over the last month or so I’ve been back home as often as possible, visiting Nanna and Granddad at the hospital, visiting other friends and family. This is the first time myself and my brother and sister have had to deal with someone we love dying, and it’s quite odd. We’ve been cushioned somewhat by the fact that it was not sudden, and myself more-so because I wasn’t there when she died. I didn’t get to come home for a few days either. Nanna was a lovely person with many great qualities, and I’m glad I got to know her as well as I have - not many people get to my age before losing family.

The funeral was on Thursday, with a religious service. Everything went as well as could be expected. It’s surprising, and nice, to be able to learn things about people that otherwise you probably would never know. For example, that my Granddad and Nanna had been together since Nanna was 14. Or that Granddad is quite the poet.

The last few weeks have put many things into a different perspective. I’m hoping the lessons learned will stick, because many of them are good. Some things matter, some things don’t. The every-day is full of special things people forget to notice. Being in a situation like this makes you notice again. That’s good.

RIP Nanna, take care. Love, Matthew.

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