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I demand 4 on demand

Channel four, a major TV broadcaster in the UK, has recently launched it’s ‘4 on demand’ internet service. Awesome. But there’s a big fly in that tasty soup…

…It only works if you run Windows. And run Internet Explorer. I’m sorry, did we slip backward in time four or five years? Did that ’standards’ thing never happen?

Full commendations for bringing ‘on demand’ digital content into the real world, it is honestly a brilliant move, and I appreciate your intent. Yet I cry when I see how such a nice service was implemented. It could have been so much better. It should have been so much better. I’d love to know why the development team took the route it did by restricting the service to one manufacturer’s browser, and one version of one type of Operating System. Seriously - why?

Needless to say, I wouldn’t touch IE with a barge-pole, and I’ll only tolerate Windows because I have to (damn you Photoshop!). I’ll not be seeing any ‘4 on demand’ content on my Ubuntu box it seems.

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