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Is it really November 2006? What happened to the rest of the year?!

Things have been very quiet on the site for a while, with the last week’s updates being a rare burst of activity in an otherwise long period of quiet. The lack of posts is due to a number of reasons, though chief among them being another busy period at work, and some important family matters that have demanded attention. Due to both I’ve not really been in the right frame of mind for writing about web-standards, or writing about what I’ve been doing. I’ve not been in much of a mood for posting general inanity either. You can probably tell, what with the only recent updates being a stark commentary on political matters that have ticked me off.

By way of a very brief catch up

I’ve been back home more often than usual in the last few weeks, which is nice as I’ve seen more of friends and family than usual. It kind of helps to touch base, as sometimes I can find myself having drifted downstream somewhere and got a little lost in the process. Last weekend my parents came to visit, and while the weather was pretty poor on the Saturday it didn’t stop us visiting Conwy or Betws-y-coed. I’m told I’ve been to Betws before as a child, but I didn’t remember it. It looks the sort of place that would be a photographers dream on a good day, and I intend to visit on such a day, next year. While we were there we had a meal in one of the old railway carriages, which was great. smiley icon: smile I totally wanted to ride on the miniature steam train too. *embarrassed*

Mike and Kate came to visit for a week about a month ago, and I have a feeling I didn’t get around to posting about that. It was cool to have them over, and fortunately the weather that week was a lot better than the previous month had been. Unfortunately I only got the one photo, and Kate would kill me if I put that online (she wasn’t prepared for it), and so it’s not online.

Moving into the now

I’ve decided October is an evil month purely on grounds of expense. Annual bills meant an additional £900 over and above the usual monthly outgoings. Fortunately I was sneaky and managed to punt about £130 of that into this months wages.

With the change of the clocks I’ve started being a little more pro-active with things I want to get done. I figured that extra hour in bed would be better spent not in bed, and as my body-clock was already used to getting up at 7am GMT (8am BST) I’ve instead been getting up ‘early’, having an actual breakfast, and doing 20min of meditation before setting off to work. OK, so today’s meditation wasn’t very good as I was half asleep and unable to concentrate, but I intend to persevere. While I’ve been in the mood for being proactive I’ve started looking at this site again. It’s about a year since any of the code was touched, and it’s ever been 50% finished in all that time. So, after an evening swearing at Ubuntu and Linux in general for not having drivers for my printer, I broke out a pen and paper and manually wrote down the site’s database structure. This will be in preparation of planning for the implementation of some new ideas, and the finishing of the site (I for one would love to see a working archive section now that there are so many posts on the site…)


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  1. Little Bro posted 3 days, 16hrs, 9mins after the entry and said:

    Well, you couldn't creep more could you? "which is nice as I’ve seen more of friends and family than usual". And you still haven't posted about my website and videos. You're suposed to be making me world famous!!:P

    Yeh, I know, my spelling sucks.


  2. Matt Wilcox posted 3 days, 16hrs, 54mins after the entry and said:

    Little Bro:

    Firstly, if you want to have a link to your own website - you need to put it in the URL field when you make a comment. No doubt your I.T. class failed to mention that a 'web address' is actually a URL, and this is why you didn't do so ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL ).

    Secondly, it's not creeping when it's a genuine comment smiley icon: joke

    Thirdly, I've been waiting for your site to load for three minutes and fourty three seconds, and it's still an empty black void. Upon closer inspection this is likely because the entire body section consists of three JavaScript calls, and nothing else. When I get home, remind me to set you up with a WordPress blog.

  3. Little Bro posted 6 days, 20hrs, 41mins after the entry and said:

    "No doubt your I.T. class failed to mention that a 'web address' is actually a URL" You're right there. All we ever did was stupid Excell for 3 years. It was boring. My site doesn't take that long to load though. It's probably Lumux or whatever it is you use.

  4. Chris Murphy posted 25 days, 0hrs, 54mins after the entry and said:

    A bit late-coming on this response seeing as December is knocking on our collective doors again. Still, it is amusing to speculate on where the rest of our year has gone. I personally cannot recall much of anything of significance this year aside from the usual going-ons of life. Admittedly, work has been quite busy and it is no surprise that I find myself irked at how much time it's taken away from my own interests.

    Word of advice: make time for whatever.

    BTW, I love your site design, it is simple and straight forward with some clever little elements smiley icon: wink

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 25 days, 3hrs, 40mins after the entry and said:

    Thanks Chris, I'm glad you like the design. I'm rather fond of your own site, it looks great! smiley icon: smile

    Good advice, and along those lines (and despite the fact that Christmas is rapidly approaching and I've yet to do any shopping) I've got a feeling there will be more spare time in the immediate future than I've had in quite a while. I'd like to get working on the site pretty soon, maybe even fix up some of the CSS on the current version before moving onto the next - it never has worked in IE6 properly, and IE7 makes a complete and utter mess of it (I assume it's something to do with the XML deceleration not being treated correctly in that particular flavor of IE).

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