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Taking a long weekend

This weekend has been most excellent, a bunch of friends from back home came over to visit myself and Ben (who also lives in North Wales now). I took the Friday and Monday off too, which turned out to be a good thing. In the end everyone turned up on the Friday and left Sunday night. Three busy days, and I’m glad I decided to take today off too, I need it to recover from the break I just had! smiley icon: laugh

Matt, Kath, and Mike (Goodwin) spent Friday evening over here in Llandudno, where we chilled out at Weatherspoons before coming back to mine with an Italian takeaway and proceeded to chat and watch an episode or two of Firefly. Saturday morning was a late start owing to the fact that we didn’t get much sleep. The recent heat-wave made a return, and it was way too hot to have windows closed overnight. Which meant having to listen to the seagulls all night, particularly their ‘Hey, look, the Sun. Better make as much noise as possible for no apparent reason’ 5am serenade. We made it to Bangor early afternoon and met up with Mike (Hainse), Liz, John, Ben and Sammy. An afternoon at the beach turned out to be a rather nice break. I don’t usually enjoy beaches, mainly because everyone seems to want to just sit down and do nothing. Fortunately John had brought his mini-football and mini-rugby ball, so we had a long kick-around/throw-about. With bare feet. You really don’t want to miss-kick with bare feet. It’s bad enough when you hit it right - we all had pretty red feet by the time we got tired and gave up. Saturday evening was a BBQ at Ben’s place, which we were all more than ready for. We had a great night chilling out, though the effect of Red Bull on Ben is something quite startling. For about 30min. Sunday everyone bar Sammy (who was working smiley icon: sad ) came over to Llandudno for a walk on the Orme and some chips on the sea-front.

Had a great time, and have spent today doing as little as possible. smiley icon: smile Cheers for coming over guys!


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  1. Matthew J Ward posted 5hrs, 20min, 30sec after the entry and said:

    Indeed it was a great weekend. I think everyone had a good time. Thought i would drop a link to some of the pics i took. If anyone would like larger resolution pics of the groups etc, just email me at mail@mattwaddy.com or text me… Will have to do it again soon! smiley icon: smile

    Link to the MattWaddy.com©


    Choose the 'Bangor - Llandudno Visit' 24 of July 2006

    Not trying to plug my site…. Needs a remake….Especially my gallery section, wasn't designed to handle so many pics really smiley icon: sad

  2. Mikey G posted 20hrs, 51min, 44sec after the entry and said:

    Would also say uber thumbs up for the weekend guys and gals. was awesome…… so when we doing it again ???

    P.S. great pics guys

  3. Ben posted 1 days, 0hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    YO ! yea was a great laugh, should make it a regualar thing guys n gals, but even more people!. 4 player xbox, tis way forward. Beach Goooooooood,Sea Goooooood, BBQ gooooooood, Beer Goooooooood, Steak Goooooood, hills not bad ! smiley icon: joke, good see everyone again,


    oh and fix:

    no HTTP_REFERER detected. Your browser and firewall must allow sending of a HTTP_REFERER header in order to post

    smiley icon: joke

  4. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 1hrs, 43mins after the entry and said:

    That's not a bug dude, it's intentional and doesn't need 'fixing'.

    If you stopped hiding behind five different firewalls, you wouldn't have an issue smiley icon: joke

    Was very cool for sure, though -more- people? Are you mad?!

    Mike - you're welcome over anytime, just let me know before you book a day off.

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