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Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested

In the guise of fighting terrorism and maintaining public order, Tony Blair’s Government has quietly and systematically taken power from Parliament and the British people. The author charts a nine-year assault on civil liberties that reveals the danger of trading freedom for security - and must have Churchill spinning in his grave.

The sad thing is I don’t think there’s a way back from the trends that have been started. Governments are begining to control media at a much deeper level, whatever they might wish you to think. And the person that controls the media, controls the population - because too many of us think what we are told to think. There’s a danger Britain will end up like China within a couple of generations. All in the name of ’security’, which is either a brazen lie or a tragic self-deception. I can’t decide which would be worse, but both anger me greatly.

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