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Bank holiday weekend

This weekend was another Bank Holiday, and this time I want home to visit friends and family. I was surprised to discover my parents had got themselves a new TV, and even more surprised when I wandered into the loft to see what my little brother was doing - and found him playing Oblivion on a shiny new Xbox360! I also saw my grandparents over the weekend, Gran and Poppa coming over for a Sunday morning visitation, and Nana and Granddad popping over for Sunday dinner. It was good to see everyone smiley icon: smile

Saturday I finally bowed to necessity and got my hair cut. I’m still unsure whether I like it. Perhaps ‘Do what you like, it just needs cutting and I have no preferences to style’ was not such a smart comment to make when asked what I wanted doing. On the other hand it doesn’t look too bad - I think it likely feels odd because it’s shorter than normal. In any case, I have attacked it with various styilng products in a bid to find a look that is good. smiley icon: laugh Upon returning home my sister had the cheek to claim that my hairline was receding. What’s more galling is to realise that she might actually be right. Normally I have my hair straight down and it looks as expected, but swishing it about a bit, it does seem to take a different root-line than I remember. smiley icon: worry Oh well, as my Granddad would no doubt say “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street” - either claiming that tiny leprechaun like creatures regularly walk upon my head, or that I am some sort of incredible thinking machine.

Saturday evening I met Mike after work and we each ate a bucket of pizza and chips at the local Varsity. Well, I ate half of mine before giving up - those buckets are deceivingly large. After that we met up with Dawson, Matt and Kath at Charly Bassets, which was very cool. It’s been something like three years since we were all in that pub, all it was missing was Chris and Joey and I’d have believed we were in a time warp. Dawson also brought along his exceedingly heavy and rather cool Russian camera, the make of which I can’t remember. A few photos were taken, so it’s possible they may make an appearance on the interweb at some point.

All in all it was a nice and relaxing bank holiday weekend, where nothing productive got done. Excellent! smiley icon: smile


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  1. Dawson posted 1 days, 16hrs, 59mins after the entry and said:

    Yeahhhh… about that film *cough*…
    Got it home, excitedly rolled it up and awaited the next day when I could develop it. Got all my kit out, chucked the canister in my changing bag and got down to popping the film on the spool. 35 minutes later and it still wasn't on there, the inside of the bag was like a furnace and I was desperately trying not to touch the film with sweaty fingertips and also trying not to hit my head against the nearest solid object.
    In the end I gave up, which annoyed me - a lot - but I've had this once before where the film just will not go onto the spool no matter how long you try.
    And no comments about how you don't have this problem with digital ok!?!?

    P.S. The camera's called a Salut or Salyut, its the old version of the Kievs you can get today and a blatant Ruskie copy of a Hasselblad :oD

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 23hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    Hehe, the joys of film. I suppose the digital equivalent would be a corrupted image file - though I can't say I've had one of those myself smiley icon: wink Perhaps you need the assistance of a femanine touch. No doubt you were applying man techniques involving brute force and sheer stubbourness to extract said film. Perhaps you could persuade Laura to try?

    Salyut - I shall see if I can remember that!

  3. Thomas posted 2 days, 18hrs, 45mins after the entry and said:

    Well, I gave you the option to play on Oblivion but you turned it down!

    P.S. How long untill you're on MSN again? The second movie is finished.

  4. Dawson posted 3 days, 2hrs, 24mins after the entry and said:

    Hehe, got it in one, brute force, swearing and wanting to kick something really hard while trying to keep your hands inside a dark bag nice and calm. Hard work! I am usually so chilled too but twice I have taken a MF camera to a pub and twice the film has failed to play ball!
    And I forgot to say in my last comment but it was nice to catch up with everyone, scary how long its been since we were all last in there!

  5. MWF posted 4 days, 16hrs, 12mins after the entry and said:

    Jimi I'd have thought in the past year you would have mastered the art of eating and how you want your hair. Oh well I guess somethings are like being in a timewarp smiley icon: wink

  6. Matt Wilcox posted 5 days, 0hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    My abilities at decision making are improving, but The Hair is always something that tests any resolve I might have had to be better at making decisions. Call it an achillies heel if you will.

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