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This Saturday my parents, little brother and myself took a trip to Llandudno via Abergele, to check out my new flat. We set out in typical British weather - grey and overcast, but as we approached Wales the sun started to come out. By the time we were sat in the Karova offices chatting to Peter and Sue over a cup of tea the sun was well and truly beating down, with barely a cloud in the sky.

We left the Karova offices mid-day and headed for the flat at Llandudno. Turns out the landlord is a laid back kind of guy, and the flat is quite a bit bigger than I was expecting. We couldn’t stay long because the tenants were still in the process of moving out, so a quick once-over had to suffice. Regardless, I’m pretty pleased with it, and am looking forward to moving in. Unfortunately that won’t happen in the first week, so I’ll be staying in a holiday house right behind the flat while the current occupiers finish the (huge) task of shifting all their gear out. I don’t actually know how much the flat will be costing me yet (just a ballpark figure) or what the deposit is (The landlord didn’t know yet…did I mention he seems laid back?). Anyway, the arrangement is that I turn up next Saturday, give him a ring and start my weeks stay in the holiday home. It’s a good thing in a way, because it gives me a week to get some of the essentials I’ll be needing - the flat is unfurnished. So, I’m taking my clothes, my blow-up bed, a sleeping bag and that’s about it until I move into the flat itself. Even then I’ve not got that much left to bring down. My computer, my books, a few more clothes… that’s about it
I’m already looking forward to having spare money to get the place looking how I want it, but for the foreseeable future anything will do. smiley icon: smile

After looking at the flat we went for a walk around the town, and also along the Pier, which is where these two photos were taken. Yes, the weather really was that nice - the shots have barely been altered in Photoshop. Llandudno itself seems to be a great place to live, it’s got all the shops I’ll need and it’s a pretty tidy place. The beach also helps! smiley icon: laugh
Later on we went to meet Andy and Sue, and had a pleasant chat and coffee in the garden (still under a clear blue sky - amazing!).
The whole day has left me itching to move, get my place sorted, meet the rest of the team and get started working. It looks like there’s some very interesting ideas going on over at Stuff and Nonsense… smiley icon: smile


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  1. Ben posted 3hrs, 18min, 24sec after the entry and said:

    Looks nice dude, g luck with the movin, if ya need a monkey to help carry stuff giz shout smiley icon: laugh, oh check out my gallery on me website (www.bpwalker.co.uk), finally got it half workin, have good1, byeee smiley icon: smile

  2. Joey posted 11hrs, 5min, 36sec after the entry and said:

    Sounds ideal, should be nice to get chance to furnish it how you want, but like you say I’m sure it will be a very gradual process!

    It concerns me slightly just how laid back your landlord is, I’m not sure I’d like a landlord that laid back myself!! Good luck with the move anyway, and we’ll hopefully come to visit over summer. smiley icon: smile

  3. stokefan posted 11hrs, 44min, 41sec after the entry and said:

    Looks really nice Matt, although without wanting to put a downer of your enthausiasm, I’d really try to sort out the prices of the flat and deposit. In my experience with letting agents and landlords they can be quite sneaky, so don’t let him sting you for more than you want to pay. Unless you have oodles of money in reserve of course smiley icon: laugh

  4. MWF posted 14hrs, 21min, 32sec after the entry and said:

    Sounds great Jimi but remember if you do decorate the flat to only buy stuff you can take with you when you leave.

  5. Matthew J. Ward posted 3 days, 19hrs, 56mins after the entry and said:

    Looks good mate. Good luck with it all, will catch up with you in the next couple of weeks to find out how ure settled…

  6. Malarkey posted 4 days, 0hrs, 21mins after the entry and said:

    It’s a real shame I won’t be around for your first three weeks, but I’m sure the guys will look after you. It’ll be great to see you when I get back.

  7. Matt Wilcox posted 4 days, 10hrs, 38mins after the entry and said:

    Glad you finally sorted the gallery out. I’m (pleasently) surprised to see some really nice photo’s there dude! I’m thinking of maybe keeping that Canon 350D I’m bringing you…It’s not like you -really- need it…

    @Joey and James:
    Thanks, I’m sure the landlord will be fine. He seems a nice guy.

    :lol Noted. My main concern at first is making sure I buy things I can get -into- the flat. I have visions of buying things that won’t fit up the stairs.

    Cheers smiley icon: smile I’m hoping I’ll be ’settled’ in by August 6th-7th ish, after which people are more than welcome to come over. I’ll speak to you before then anyway.

    Likewise Mr Malarkey, enjoy that trip to France. smiley icon: smile

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