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What a beautiful day hey hey...

Saturday night saw a group of us down at the pub for a very welcome drink. I’ve not much to say about that other than it was a great night and it was good to see everyone again smiley icon: smile

Today has been the first day of summer I’ve actually been able to get out and enjoy. It was incredibly sunny and I decided to go for a slow walk over the fields where I live. I ended up wandering over parts of Tean I didn’t even know existed and just admiring the view. It’s very easy to not realise that I do in fact live in the countryside. It’s only when you wander over the hills and see the whole of Tean and Cheadle (off in the distance) sitting in the Valley that you really appreciate it. That and the fact that on my wandering I saw a squirrel climb up a tree, had a herd of cows follow me accross a field, saw a couple of swans bathing in the river, and either a kestrel or an eagle hunting. Listening to all the sounds was great too, the birds calling out, the keen of the bird of prey, the babble of the river, the far off noises of cars on the road, the rustling of grass and Ivy and leaves in the wind. Beautiful.

I got back from my travels and the sun went behind a few dozen clouds. Dan Myatt appeared and we went wandering - this time I took my camera, but sadly the clouds stayed and it was no where near as nice as earlier in the day. We sat on the river edge and had a bottle of beer, which was great.


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  1. Kim posted 10hrs, 55min, 10sec after the entry and said:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m extremely jealous…

  2. Concerned resident (Staffordshire) posted 18hrs, 54min, 45sec after the entry and said:

    That explains a lot. On Central News there were reports of a strange hobo/vagabond character wandering aimlessly across fields worrying sheep, in the Tean district and that he should not be approached as he might be dangerous. Reports said he obviously hadn’t had his hair cut for over 2 years and needed to have it restyled to what he probably had back in August 2002.

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 21hrs, 22min, 45sec after the entry and said:

    Tim my friend, remind me to put vinegar in your coffee tomorrow morning? Ta! smiley icon: joke :lol

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