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Four more years...

Well it would appear that my last blog entry garnered an unusual volume of hits. As of today it has been read 352 times, which is 40 more than Getting on my high horse, making it the third most read blog entry I’ve ever made. smiley icon: stunned
Moving on…

This week I have mostly been doing nothing. By which I mean I’ve actually done a lot, but it’s all been the same thing - work in the day, talking on MSN at night. Mike and myself have resurrected Neverwinter Nights over the last couple of evenings and are currently running through the single-player campaign as a party, which is a lot of fun, especially now we both use Skype and can actually talk to each other while we play the game. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to going out some time soon. It’s been a week since I last went to the pub I think. smiley icon: worry Which, by the way, is not meant to come off like I’m an alcoholic or anything, but more that the few times I get to go out is to go socialise at a pub. smiley icon: joke

Thursday night was Election night, which this year seemed to get a relatively high turn out. We got to the polling station and had to queue outside in the drizzle in fact, it was that busy. We found ourselves right next to Dawson, who was voting for the first time and still deliberating over who to vote for. smiley icon: laugh I can’t say I blame him, there just doesn’t seem to be much between the parties. Even going to the trouble of reading manifesto’s is kind of pointless. “The UK should cut fuel emissions” is a good point. Yes, agreed - but stating that tells me nothing of how your party intends to accomplish that. If you mean “we will whack fuel TAX up yet again” then you aren’t getting my vote on those grounds. Increasing TAX does not cut emissions. All the parties manifestos are strewn with similar vague ideals and no real indications of how they’re going to achieve their aims.
Anyway, Labour won again, but at least they came out with a significantly reduced majority. One would like to imagine this will mean they’ll listen to The People a bit more, but somehow I remain dubious and predict another four years of heavy spin. Not that there wouldn’t have been just as much spin if anyone else had gotten in. *sighs*


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  1. Joey posted 2hrs, 35min, 14sec after the entry and said:

    Out of interest, which blog entry has the most hits?

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 2hrs, 50min, 53sec after the entry and said:

    Top 5 Blog pages as ranked by hits:

    At number 5 we have entry number 148: ‘Goodbye 2004, Hello 2005‘ coming in with 347 hits.

    Number 4 is the 8th ever entry, and the first PhotoBlog - ‘Progress and my 21st‘ with 348 hits.

    Number 3 is, as stated ‘This is Unusual‘ with 365 hits (yes, it’s gone up in the last couple of hours)

    Number 2 is 133rd entry, ‘Lunar Point - Untitled‘ with 383 hits.

    Number 1, the most popular blog entry of all time with 384 hits - number 12 ‘Catching Up‘.

    If you look at the Dev Blog the most viewed is ‘XHTML Strict pop-up windows‘ - with 848 hits.

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