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Catching up on my TV watching...

I don’t watch TV very often, and when I do, it’s usually a lot of adverts with some filler programs in-between. But let me ask you something - is it just me or are TV adverts starting to get better again?
There was a time four or five years ago where there were a lot of good adverts on TV. Then TV ad land went mundane for a while. Recently however we’ve had quite a few good adverts. There’s the brilliant Golf GTI - Singing In The Rain advert, which is such an great concept, even if the Golf itself is really rather disappointing stylistically. We’ve got the new series of Nike Women (Face Off) ads. The first Nike face off was nicely done, and the woman is both attractive (despite the chavtastic baseball cap) and fit (as in Cambridge Dictionary ‘fit‘ and also urban dictionary ‘fit‘), but it was the second ad that cracked me up. They left it a good few weeks before airing it, and it works brilliantly as a counter to your expectations.
There’s the Muller Life ads too. Notice a connection here? They all involve break dancing. Is break dancing making another comeback, or is it that the modern generation lack any kind of style with which the ad-makers could work with?
While we’re talking about good adverts, the Playstation ad’s are cracking me up a lot too. There’s also the Citroen (Transformers) advert, which had Chris and myself up with cries of glee - we’d only been talking a few months before about how cool it would be to have a live-action Transformers movie (can I also point out - yet more break dancing). Going back a bit further there’s the Honda Accord (Cog) advert.

OK, maybe I’m just expecting less from the TV.

Tonight I have got my sleeping bag out in preparation. I’ve not had a solid nights sleep in two weeks - I keep waking up every couple of hours and then having to wait a good 30min to fall asleep again. Last night I was so frustrated with being woken up continually by my brother’s snoring that I was close to screaming my head off at 2am. I did kick his bed a few times, which never woke him up, but did shut him up for all of a minute each time. There are no words for how incredibly frustrated I felt, being kept awake, and looking at the clock thinking ‘if I could just sleep now, I’ll have 5hrs of sleep… 4hrs of sleep…2hrs of sleep…’
It doesn’t help that I have a cold either. Tonight, if I get woken up again, I’m just going to move into the loft. It’s that or end up throwing some sort of wobbler out of sheer frustrated anger. The loft sounds a lot more promising.


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  1. Matthew J. Ward posted 1 days, 18hrs, 7mins after the entry and said:

    Quote “Calm down dear, it’s only a” really annoying little brother! smiley icon: smile Loft sounds like a plan.

  2. Joey posted 1 days, 18hrs, 33mins after the entry and said:

    I can empathise with the struggling to get to sleep with a snorer in the room.

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 1hrs, 38mins after the entry and said:

    oh dear Miss Joey, oh dear!

  4. MWF posted 2 days, 13hrs, 23mins after the entry and said:

    I also empathise.

    At least he doesn’t steal all your duvet or attack you with flailing arms and legs.

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 15hrs, 52mins after the entry and said:

    Oh dear Mr Chris, oh dear! smiley icon: laugh

  6. MWF posted 5 days, 1hrs, 45mins after the entry and said:

    I would like to point out that the flailing arms and legs to belong to the attackee, they were not removed from someone.

    Cushions however, they appear from nowhere and land, forcefully, in the face.

  7. Gem posted 36 days, 13hrs, 3mins after the entry and said:

    Oh dear Oh dear!
    Count yourself lucky MWF, at least you dont get a punch in the face from your lady whilst your fast asleep. Sometimes I let him have the elbow too!

  8. Matt Wilcox posted 36 days, 15hrs, 49mins after the entry and said:

    Gem, you’re such a lady.


  9. Joey posted 41 days, 22hrs, 14mins after the entry and said:

    He got the elbow the other night - it made him stop snoring though!! smiley icon: laugh

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