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And another thing!

Two entries on one day? You better believe it!
After the last entries brain-frying subject matter (which, Chris, is also part of the point - it’s fun to think about these things) I thought I’d shift to slightly more earthly matters…

My visit to the opticians today went well, it turns out my right lens has rotated around 20 degrees, and that’s the problem. A new set of lenses are on order, a corrected right lens and a left lens of the same spec as my trial pair. Shortly you will hear less of my contact lenses and more of my incredible insights into being able to see properly.

In a bit of good fortune associated with putting up the new wardrobe/drawers I found an old (very old) £10 HMV gift voucher, which I spent today at Waterstones. Yes, I hadn’t realised they were part of the same company either until I read the back of the voucher. I got myself The Mind Gym, which seems a great little book. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Having mentioned the wardrobe…

I really hope that my DIY skills in later life don’t follow a parallel with my dad’s current DIY proficiency. As hard as he tries with it he’s not entirely the consummate DIYer. I shall not mention the first error which occurred during construction of the wardrobe, for none but dad and myself know. The second error however is an example of the sort of thinking I try to avoid.
Long handles were bought for the doors. Non-standard long handles, for which there were no pre-drilled guide marks. Now, instead of working it out and marking off the holes, testing they were right and then drilling them (a simple job, each hole needed to be 14.5cm from the centre mark and parallel with all the other markings) dad decided he’d had enough, blew off some steam, decided we’d buy different handles and then we stopped for the night. The next day Dad then went out and bought a drilling guide with which to fit the original handles (rather than just getting on with it the night before, when I’d had the right measurements done and placed, ready to mark out). I left dad to get on with it until he came to fitting the doors to the wardrobe itself. After which dad realised the handles were not level. Not level by a good inch or two. Very noticeably not level.
I compared the drill guide to the centre mark, and then to my measurements from the previous night. The drill guide was not the right drill guide. Hence the handle placement error.
Moral of the story? If your brain will suffice for a simple task, use your brain. Don’t rely on someone else to have done the thinking for you. The drill guide made the job something of a bodge, where a tape measure would have ensured a correct fit.

MSN has taken to spontaneously signing itself in. If I’m on-line and don’t reply to you, it’s very likely I’m not by the computer, and that MSN has decided it really needed to fire itself up, stretch it’s legs and do it’s thing all on it’s own. I’ve run a couple of checks to ensure this behaviour isn’t to do with the recently release MSN worm. It isn’t, fortunately.


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  1. MWF posted 22hrs, 37min, 27sec after the entry and said:

    My dad does the same thing, makes very precise mistakes which translate into big ones.

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