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Catching Up Again

Well it has been a busy last few weeks. Between the last entry and this one a fair amount has happened. Matt Ward and Kath are an official couple, naturally much teasing has ensued. Even dad getting in on the fun by mortifying Matt with a well timed phone call one Sunday. (Yes Matt, i know! smiley icon: wink ). I have applied for a new job at Game in Hanley because i’ve finally got too bored with standing about in -20C at Iceland. We all went out in Ashbourn which was nice. The first Quiz of the new season was held at The Ship, everyone was in attendance, though we came last again and got to sample 200% Beef Jerky as a consolation prize. I still don’t understand how it can be made of 200% beef. Mike G, John, Ben, myself and a load of Mikes mates went out one Monday night to Liquid. An unofficial farewell thing for John. Mike had fun that night. smiley icon: wink
John has now gone to the RAF, which was a sad occasion, he is already sorely missed by all. He’ll visit us when he can, but we all hope he’s having a great time. Mike F has gone to uni, and so have some others in the group. I started back to the usual dis-organised chaos of the MMG department at Uni. Kath has taken the year out to work and decide what she wants to do, as has Carmel. Dawson went to uni and quit literally ten minutes later, we’re glad he’s back whatever! Tara had her 17th birthday, we went out to Fatty Arbuckles but missed the film we ment to see due to slow service at FA. My car has had it’s MOT and service, and today Kath was 19! My lil’ sis is 19 already. Scary! We went to the Dog and Partridge for a celebratory drink, hopefully photo’s will be up soon but kath needs to get the film developed first. We also want around to Dawson’s after Kath and Matt went home to watch Laberynth (with David Bowie), which reminds me that last night we watched three episodes of Trans-Formers! My god it’s not as good as i remember from being a kid. No plot lines at all, but it’s still class!
Winter has rolled in, the mornings are dark, cold and wet. The days are dark cold and wet, and so are the nights. It’s a depressing time of year winter. *feels all sad and lonely* *sniff*

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