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Dawsons Bonfire

Helloa again. Yes, this is another diary entry where I’m actually writing it a month or so after the event. Sorry.
Immediately after Ben and myself got back from Skegness Matt, Mike, Katherine and myself all went camping in Stanton. Kind of a commiseration night as Matt and Mike were unable to join the rest of us. Turned out to be a good night, though we also discovered that Bens tent is the ant and fly equivalent of a hard house dance club in a crowded metropolitan area, full of alcohol fuelled teenagers. The fly’s were getting jiggy with it on the roof of the tent. Lots of fly’s. Having got some firewood sorted and a proper camp fire set up we proceeded to try and flush them all away with smoke. It worked. *evil grin*
We spent a lot of the night by the fire just talking, looking at the incredibly bright stars, toasting bread and marsh mellows. We did all go to sleep eventually. Meaning I went to sleep while Matt and Kath did their own thing and Mike went for a diplomatic stroll…

Moving forward a few weeks to tonight…was at work all day. It was the usual boring, tedious, mind numbing, IQ reducing, sleep inducing fun-orama that it always is. Then I came home. Yay! Shortly after it was off to Dawson’s bonfire
Getting to Dawson’s field we discovered John and Mike F had set up their DJ equipment, and the pile of wood to burn was in fact a small mountain of flammable odds and ends screaming for flames to take them. You could hear them whisper ‘burn me, BURN ME’. Possibly I’m making that bit up. Anyway, it turned into quite a huge gathering by the time everyone arrived, half the people there I didn’t know though. There were banging tunes followed by some gentler tunes, much alcohol and a little bit of silliness that could have spoiled the night but because everyone is so cool, it didn’t. People left about 2-3am ish but John, Carmel, Laura B, Mike F, Kath, Matt and myself all stayed until 5am. In the last few hours we threw the timber on and watch the flames shoot up. Mmm, toasty warm! Good night out, but boy was I tired the next day!

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