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Christmas 2004

This is just a short entry for the moment because it looks like Nana and Granddad aren’t going to make it down this year. smiley icon: sad I’ve made a short video they can watch instead, which is why this entry is up so early. I’ll add some ‘real’ content later today, for now you can just watch the video.

Nana and Granddad did make it to see us later in the day, which was great! I’m leaving the video up anyway, though it is unlikely to interest anyone other than family.
Now on with that ‘content’ I promised…

The early hours of Christmas morning were spent at Nana and Granddad’s, which we went to straight after Mass. Jake (the dog) was plainly surprised and excited at seeing so many people twice in one day (we had been there earlier to drop off presents and say merry Christmas). When Jake was presented with his new toys he didn’t know what to play with first! The first gift he got was a squeaky Santa, which he absolutely loved. It got funny when Granddad brought out Jake’s old favourite toy; a soft squeaky ball. Jake didn’t know which he wanted to play with, looking between the two toys. You could see the confused glee on his face! In the end he opted for the new Santa toy, and set about trying to chew his hat off. :lol Later on he also got a big yellow wheel to chew on, which he abandoned Santa for. That dog is brilliant, not only do you play with him, he plays right back. He went around the room showing his new toy to everyone, nuzzling your knee, and then as soon as anyone said ‘what is it Jake?’ and went to get it, he’d pull his head away so you couldn’t touch the toy! Then he’d bring it right up to your hand again, and quickly turn away when you tried to grab it!. He’d do it repeatedly! The dog was teasing us, and clearly loving it!
One seriously clever dog, with a great personality. smiley icon: smile

This morning was cold, but being Christmas morning no one really cared. We got up later than normal, which is a worrying sign of people getting older. This year Thomas got a fencing foil, head guard and glove as his main presents, though he’s spent a good part of the day playing with his RC UFO, which the next door neighbours got him. It is pretty cool though! :lol
Kath got the Sharpe DVD box set, which I intend to steal at the next opportunity, and I got a second item of Lord of the Rings jewlery; Arwen’s Evenstar. It’s very nice, but I’m thinking likely too delicate to wear very often. Plus I’m not into the Bling thing, though I do think it willl make an interesting alternative to a tie when I go to posh functions/parties.
Mother decided to be comical this year and got me a copy of ‘The Student Cookbook’, so beware people, I might be attempting cookery soon. :lol Thomas got us all a gift too this year, with his own money. Awww, the kid’s growing up! It was an excellent choice of present too, a small RC stunt car! This year also saw me get my first tool set, which I promptly used to tighten the screws on my glasses, which have been bugging me for ages. I shan’t mention any more presents because I don’t want the blog to just become a list of new things. Thanks to everyone who got me anything though, it’s much appreciated! smiley icon: smile

This year was also a white Christmas. Well, technically anyway. It started to snow around mid-day and by 4:30 or so it had just started to stick to the ground, which was when Kath and Matt departed for a Christmas tea at Matt’s parents house. It’s entirely possible they’ll get snowed in up there, which I’m sure will please Kath.

OK, photo’s are (so far) thin on the ground as my batteries ran out, though I might take some more later. But probably won’t. With that I shall leave and get some Sambuca down my throat!

Happy Christmas everyone! smiley icon: smile

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