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Three in One

My sincere apologies for the inactivity on mw.com recently. The good news is that I’m now on holiday, so I can finally catch up on the blog. There are three days of photo’s in this entry, and even a video (you’ll need the DivX codec to view it).

First up photography wise, we have the work Christmas Party snaps, which aren’t that exciting, but at least you get to be nosey and find out who I work with. The party itself was great! There was a nice relaxed atmosphere and I think everyone let their hair down a bit, which is cool. We finally got to meet everyone’s significant other too. smiley icon: smile As the night wore on ‘little’ Rich got more and more entertaining, until by the end of the night he’d hit the gambling area and won an absolute load of chips (it was free, no money). He then bet them all on one number and lost the lot!

Second on the photo entry is my little brothers fencing tournament. His fencing club has been going for a year now so they held a little display/tournament thing. It’s a very varied group of people, mostly kids from I’d guess 8 years old up to 14, then there’s a little gap and you get a couple of older people, up to around 35-40. Thomas won his pool and then came second in the club, only dropping two points. It’s good to see him kicking ass at something he enjoys, and I personally love the stance he does. Everyone else has their secondary wrist held limp, but Thomas makes a fist. Looks like he’s always ready to go in with a swift punch to the face if he misses with the foil. :lol It looks like all that time playing with light-sabers and garden canes is actually paying off.
After the tournament there was a little party thrown in the vicars house, which we had to walk to. I love what I saw of the village, a proper old-style English town. Virtually no street lighting, old stone houses and just drenched in olde-worldy vibe. I will have to see if I can find it again in the summer and get some photo’s.

Third up in the photo stakes was last nights trip out with Joey, Chris and Dawson. We spent a good while trying to find the best Christmas lights we could, and eventually found where we were looking for. The whole street has been done up by the residents, for charity. Unfortunately we got there a little late and the charity bucket was no longer there, though there was a man sitting in a make-shift hut warming himself by the flaming barrel. We assume they have to keep someone out to ensure vandles don’t do their thing during the night. The thought of which makes me mad all on it’s own. We’ll have to pop back another day and donate smiley icon: smile The photo’s aren’t great because the digicam can’t focus in such low light, these were the only two to come out.

Today I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping with Joey, and I’ve got nearly everyone sorted out. Tomorrow should be my last shopping trip, and then I can get wrapping and distributing cards and pressies! smiley icon: smile

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