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spend-a-thon begins

Ahh, it’s rapidly approaching that time of year where money develops an allergy to my general being and leaps away from me with wanton abandon. The last two weeks alone have been rather expensive; no less than £380 has been spent on the car, £120 on clothes (though I desperately needed new ones, so that’s justified expenditure), £30 on CDs (I prefer music to food) and various miscellany. Rapidly approaching is car tax and car insurance, neither of which are cheap, one of which should be much depreciated on last years figure. Hopefully.
At least I don’t have university fee’s this year smiley icon: wink

On the plus side it’s not just my own money I’ve been spending; I’ve finally gotten my PC at work smiley icon: smile There’s nothing like spending your boss’s money on things for yourself, especially when they’re shiny expensive things. It’s also nice when it means you can get on with your job better. smiley icon: smile It’s a shame then that on my first day of having the PC up and running I had a big plaster on my right hand middle finger. Why the plaster? First thing that morning I had been making sandwiches ready for dinner and the closest thing to meat that was in the house was a can of corned beef. The type of can with the key, which you turn and it opens up. Getting that bit done was easy (as planned), but then parting the two halfs of can the process leaves wasn’t so simple. The pressure seal between can and ‘beef’ was pretty good, and it didn’t want to shift, even after attempting to break the seal by running a knife all around the inside of the can. I resorted to delicate brute force, and prised the tin apart, in the process somehow slicing my finger open.

Last Thursday Chris and Joey popped over with Matt and Mike, which was nice. Much of the night was spent discussing computer games (i.e. Doom III), cars (any and all) and our vision for a new Transformers movie. If only Matelle would give us wads of cash and free liscence to make a movie… smiley icon: wink


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 23 days, 19hrs, 53mins after the entry and said:

    I’m aware of the incorrectly handled ‘£’, just trying to figure out how to fix it without breaking my shiny new RSS/XML feed…

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 29 days, 18hrs, 26mins after the entry and said:

    Fixed. Finally.

    For anyone who happens to need listings for decimal notation of characters:

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