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sooo tiiired

Well hello there! smiley icon: smile It’s been a rather busy week. Thursday we actually went out to the pub, which was great; we even got some Fussball on the go, Mike and myself soundly trouncing Matt and Kath. I think a switch of team members is in order next Thursday. It was good to catch up with Matt and generally chill out, as we haven’t been out as a group for a good few weeks.
The Saturday just gone was my last day at Game, which was a bit sad. Yes, it’s a retail job and man did it have drawbacks (dealing with fools on a daily basis being a key one), but I’m really gonna miss the people there. I did a full day Friday and Saturday and then Saturday night we went to Fatty Arbuckles for a staff outing, which was cool. Mike introduced me to an ‘FBI’ which is an alcoholic drink which tastes very very nice. Sadly as I was driving I couldn’t get more than a taste. smiley icon: sad Karl was rather amusing while we waited for food, knocking back a fair share of Budweiser (which is served on tap) and coming out with some hilarious comments and observations. Coupled with Russ who was rapidly catching Karl up it proved entertaining. Topics of observation are varied and all are far too risque to include here smiley icon: wink
After the meal we went to ‘Evergreens’, “a really cool place just around the corner” - quote from Karl. Some time later after a lot more walking than ‘just around the corner’ would imply we got to a dodgy looking pub with (admittedly) some very nice pool/snooker tables and set about playing pool. Shortly after our arrival the Police arrived and hovered around talking to the owner and one of the (quite obvious) junkies. Oh well, a good time was had and I suppose if it changed location and clientèle it would be a pretty cool place. I’m going to get photo’s of the night up ASAP, but frankly I’m too tired to mess about with them just now. Keep an eye out for Friday night maybe.

Sunday was my day off, and Monday I started my new job at Creation”. So far so good, I’ve made it in on time every day, and only once found myself going to work and then getting on the M6 northbound (i.e. home bound) before actually getting to work. I only once missed my turning on the way home (the one by the Incinerator; the one I always get wrong. This time I turned left too early, as I pre-empted that I usually turn off too late). The people at Creation” seem good guys (and a lady) and once I’m sorted and settled in it’s going to be cool. I’ve ordered a new PC to work on and appropriate software, but am still waiting for the PC. The software arrived today smiley icon: laugh
Trying to use these Macs in the mean time is seriously getting on my nerves. I don’t know if it’s simply because I am used to a PC or that they really are as badly designed as I find them. They have buttons missing, (no hash key ‘#’, no ‘home’ or ‘end’ key) they use American keyboard layouts (keys physically in the wrong places), the CD eject button on the mac itself doesn’t eject anything (and so is utterly redundant), you have to drag and drop the CD icon onto the Trash icon, which is hidden in a self-hiding side-bar. Closing a program using the ‘close’ button doesn’t actually close a program, it simply closes what you’re working on but leaves the program running in memory and drops the UI, which meant by the end of the day the mac had run out of resources. I then had to:

  1. figure out what programs are open (indicated only by a tiny black triangle on the shortcut icon)
  2. bring up the UI
  3. exit from them via the menu and not the close button.

It’s a Mac so the keyboard shortcuts are all different to what I’m used to, and now I’m back on my PC at home I find myself trying to use Mac shortcuts… Safari is buggy as hell, Internet Explorer 5.2 Mac Edition is worse than IE6 on the PC… my list of minor but insanely annoying aggravations goes on…
Roll on the arrival of my PC smiley icon: wink
On a more serious note; I think I’m going to like the job and the people I’m working with. Today I spent messing about with layouts for a couple of website projects, which really is all I can do until I get my new equipment.

The website redesign for this site has slowed down significantly now I’m full time employed, hopefully i’ll find time this weekend to work on it more. I want to get it done ASAP because I can imagain i’ll not want to be doing Web Design stuff in my free time if I’m doing it as a day job…

Other than that there’s not much to report. I’m rather tired as I’m not used to being awake so early, but that’ll change soon enough. With that said i’m going to go to bed now, because it was so comfy and inviting when I was lying on it earlier. smiley icon: smile

Nighty night people smiley icon: sleep


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 47 days, 0hrs, 19mins after the entry and said:

    You might be wondering why there still aren’t any photo’s up when i mentioned there would be. Well, turns out the photo’s are all way too blurred.

    That Nikon D70 gets more and more tempting all the time…

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