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changes they are a-comin’

I’m really starting to regret my botch up install of Linux.

In the end I got a new 160Gb hard drive, partitioned it, one half for Linux and one half for Windows, and set about getting my PC back to it’s former status. In the process of this I decided it was time to get a bit more up-to date - PHP 5 has finally hit ‘production’ version numbering and as such is considered ready for use in ‘real world’ environments and not just by hardcore enthusiasts. It offers some serious advantages over PHP4, not the least of which is pro-level Object Orientated Design capability and the ability to use MySQL 4.1.x to it’s full advantage. So, I downloaded Apache HTTP server 2.0.50, PHP 5.0.0 and MySQL 4.1.3 and set about installing them. Some four hours later I have discovered that shifting to all these sparkly new technologies is not going to be easy. PHP 5 no longer comes bundled with MySQL support and I still haven’t got it talking to MySQL properly unless I use the new MySQLi library. Using that library however means I would have to re-code every database interaction script on the website. Now, that wouldn’t be too much hassle in an Object Orientated language such as PHP5, but PHP4 had poor OO support and so my site, like most other PHP sites anywhere, is written procedurally (everything executes in the order it’s written). To make a long story short - I’m sticking to my old set-up until my host gets PHP5 and MySQL 4.1.X installed, at which point the site will likely have to drop off the face of the net for a few days while it gets it’s PHP re-written. Changes are a-comin’. Good changes, but they ain’t gonna be smooth changes. It’s likely that my host will wait a good few months yet before upgrading however.

After all this messing about it’s 6pm and I’ve not done any work on the new mw.com and it really needs doing now. Why? Well, I have today, tomorrow and Wednesday free to code, then I’m working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday I have off (probably) and then Monday I’m very likely to start my new job. My full time job. My 9 till 5:30 plus any required overtime job with a 30(ish) mile drive there and a 30(ish) mile drive back. In short - I’m not going to have much free time after this week to do any work on mw.com! Or much else!
The plan then is to just try dragging and dropping all my old app’s over and seeing if they work, then getting on with some serious coding. Plus, this sort of geek/technical talk has given me an idea for the new site. I’ll see how that pans out.

This week I’ve not been out much, or in fact you could arguably (and correctly) say I’ve not been out at all. I’ve been laid up with a really annoying cold, working at Game, and our ‘regular’ thus night outing to the pub is becoming pretty ‘irregular’ as people have been pretty busy recently, mostly with academic work.
Saturday night however I did stay a while at Kate’s after giving Mike and Kate a lift. We chowed down on some pizza, discussed Denies Van Outen’s dress, and wrestled over a phone before I headed home and spent the night dead tired and not being able to sleep thanks to my cold. Beautiful.

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