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little green light

Wow those days fly by when you spend most of them in bed! Work on this website has temporarily stopped again while i dedicate my time to doing a few uni projects. Just thought i’d let you know that.
Yesterday was pretty crazy, in that I was pretty crazy, and i have no idea why. I simply arrived at work and proceeded to go crazy, thankfully everyone found it amusing rather than annoying (mostly, i think), with me bouncing around making odd comments and generally being a bit…odd. I think i’d been listening to too much Hard House before i went in, and had likely overslept to the point of actually feeling rested. Which is crazy. Crazy like McFly.
Thursday night saw Matt, Kath, Chris, Joey, Mike and myself down at Charley Bassets again, which was very pleasant until Mike left to go outside owing to a message on his phone. It went rapidly downhill from there for the poor guy. Hopefully it’s all over-reaction and everything will be ‘cool’ very soon. Women. *rolleyes* Men. *rolleyes* Women & Men together - recipe for all sorts of unstable things. And fun things. smiley icon: wink With the danger of unstableness after. *rolleyes*

Anyway, the day before (that’d be Wednesday) saw Chris and myself having something of an argue-fest before we decided that all was cool and ended up going to Weaver Hill to chill out, via Tesco and Tesco Extra. Was a nice entertaining evening in fact, and also i got to show Chris my new kickass album: ZEN ninjatune. He loved it. smiley icon: smile It’s brilliant trip-hop/turntableism stuff, and it has lots of soul to it. Plus there’s a load of funk and jazz in there too. Which is always a good thing, but then when you layer some break-beat over it…phwoooaaaar! smiley icon: wink

Today saw me in university, which actually wasn’t too bad though my lecturer was running waaaaaaay over and i had to hang around for too long. On the plus side i finally ‘threw my ass to the wind’ as Chris would say and got myself an ADSL modem router and ordered that Broadband thing. The router is all set up and i’m just waiting for the nice little green light to come on telling me my phone line is ADSL enabled… smiley icon: smile
Today my Christmas present (a stearling silver One Ring) has finally arrived in the correct size. It has taken from the day after boxing day until now to get it changed. Which is ridiculous considering my parents were told it was a three day thing to do. *rolleyes* Hopefully i’ll be getting my hands on it tomorrow, and then..then i shall become all powerful. And invisible. Or is that just a book/movie thing? Pft, i don’t need it anyway, i’m already all powerful! Fear me! Rwaaaaarrrr!!!!! *cough* *blink*
errr…i’ll be going now. Ok. *waves*

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