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An apology; I hate this website.

This is a self-motivational post, as I’ve had a re-design at the bottom of my priority list for a year. It needs raising.

Just a small note to anyone that visits here. I hate my website. It is a terrible reflection of my skills, it’s unfinished, it’s broken, it’s three years old, it’s out of date in many ways, forms don’t work well, the user experience is poor. It embarrasses me, and it’s a terrible advertisement for me considering I’m a professional web designer. In short, the site is getting a serious re-factoring over Christmas to bring it in-line with my skills and abilities today. If you’re reading any technical articles and thinking my words are at odds with my site - you’re right. You’d never know I walk the walk as well as talk the talk by looking at this. Time to kick things into shape.


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  1. j2d2 posted 7 days, 21hrs, 23mins after the entry and said:

    Having an apology, especially one done as a banner, is immature and brings a lot more attention to the lack of skills displayed in the site. I would not have noticed any lack of skills and actually thought the site design was quite neat.

    Matt says:The banner is as much a motivational tool for me as anything else. But you’re right, I’m going to remove it. Thanks for making me re-assess the situation.

  2. Jem posted 8 days, 6hrs, 26mins after the entry and said:

    I agree with j2d2. The only thing letting this site down is this post!

  3. Keith posted 9 days, 3hrs, 5mins after the entry and said:


    What I hate about your site is the RSS feed. I came here for the first time yesterday to read your CSS3 article, and I thought it was excellent, so I added your feed to Google Reader. It's been spamming me with the same articles over and over again since. I'd really like to keep it in there, as I really enjoyed the article (and a few others I caught while poking around), but my interest vs. annoyance is shifting steadily.


    Matt says: Yes, i hate it too for the same reason. It’s not my own RSS feed, it’s one that a friend rolled a while back using a third-party service. Whatever service he used re-sends things on any content change; it’s not actually anything to do with my website/server. Thanks for the compliment, and I’m sorry for the RSS annoyance - it will be sorted out over Christmas along with a lot of other problems.

  4. Andy posted 26 days, 21hrs, 30mins after the entry and said:

    Don't be too hard on yourself Matt.

    After all - quality of content is what truly shines.

  5. Kempster posted 154 days, 1hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    Your website design does not let you down at all.

    It comes across as a very characteristic personal site.

  6. Mark posted 237 days, 23hrs, 12mins after the entry and said:

    I think its a nicely designed site at present !

  7. Marcel Korpel posted 1 years, 56 days, 7hrs after the entry and said:

    I also don't agree with you, I rather liked your design when I first saw it.

    Something else: I was trying to contact you about this, but I couldn't find your email address and your contact form is down. On http://mattwilcox.net/accessibility/ you point to a post about your colour blindness, in which I was interested: . Unfortunately, I get an XML Parsing Error.

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