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Apple, we just don't work together anymore. It's not me, it's you.

Remember when Apple were the plucky alternative? Remember when they were cool and did things nice? Remember when they bitched about Microsoft abusing it’s monopoly? Well I’m getting more than sick of Apple behaving in putrid turgid ways, and I’m calling them out on it. iTunes at this point is simply a trojan-horse.

In addition to my previous rants about Apple, today there was another Apple wind up waiting for me on my system. I opened my Vista Control Panel, and what is staring me in the face but a “MobileMe” icon!? MobileMe? I do not have mobile me, I’ve no interest in it, and I’ve heard the horror stories that caused Apple not once, but twice, to issue freebies to placate users of the service. So what the bloody hell fire is that icon doing in my control panel? In the sanctity of my Control Panel, a place for installed applications and operating system services only. I decided to click on it. My rage went white hot.

The entire bloody thing is nothing more than an advert to get me to sign up to Apples MobileMe subscription service. It has nothing to do on my system apart from fire up a dialogue that prompts me to log into an account I don’t have, or to go buy a MobileMe account. Apple, get you bloody house in order, this is disgusting behaviour - get your crap, your ADVERTISEMENT, the hell out of my control panel, the hell OFF MY SYSTEM. I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it, you’re littering my computer, and you are behaving in a worse manner than Microsoft ever did. Respect me by respecting my computer. Right now, you have none of my respect, and that has lost you a sale; I will not be buying a Mac in the future, because I flat out don’t trust you to do the right thing. You’ve abused me by abusing my computer one too many times. So you can f*** off, Steve and co - you ain’t cool no more.

PS, take iTunes with you on the way out, it’s as rubbish as you are.

PPS, I hope you learn to stop using iTunes as a trojan-horse for your other crappy applications, I’m not the only person you’re pissing off.

PPPS - for those of you wanting to ditch MobilMe from your Control Panel, you apparently need to un-install the cryptically named “Apple Mobile Device Support” program. Word of warning from Peter in the comments: un-installing causes problems with iPod syncing


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  1. Ronan posted 16hrs, 10min, 29sec after the entry and said:

    Why use iTunes? Try MediaMonkey, unless you have the time to configure Foobar2000, or wait until Amarok 2.0 turns gold. Admittedly, they have no mp3 shop integration, but then I'm a CD man smiley icon: smile

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 18hrs, 23min, 0sec after the entry and said:

    Because I have an iPod, and I've always used it. No longer though, I've just installed Songbird, which finally looks usable after the eternity of development it seems to have been under. Amarok 2 would be great, but it's not ready for Windows yet (it's not exactly stable at the moment).

    Thanks for the other program suggestions, if Songbird doesn't rock my socks I'll give them a go.

  3. Peter posted 3 days, 13hrs, 26mins after the entry and said:

    Just a word of warning about the "Apple Mobile Device Support" application. If you unistall it, your iPhone will no longer be recognised by iTunes, and won't charge when you plug it in to your machine. You need to uninstall iTunes and re-install to get it back too (a repair on the installation doesn't seem to be enough).

    Matt says: Thanks for the heads up - I’ve just tried it with my Nano and had the same problem. I’ll edit the advise in the main post.

  4. Allie posted 4 days, 4hrs, 23mins after the entry and said:

    I've had the same issues with Apple before back when I needed Quicktime to view a video but owned no iPod. However, you can't get Quicktime without iTunes. I do have an iPod now and recently reinstalled both of these. After reading your post I checked and sure enough, there was the MobileMe icon. While uninstalling MobileMe I saw another program that had been installed without my knowledge: Bonjour. Apparently it is also being bundled with the whole iTunes/Quicktime/MobileMe package. They could at least inform users about what will be installed on their machine when they install iTunes.

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