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The BBC and the future of Public Service Broadcasting

Stephen Fry talks about the future of the BBC in an insightful and thought provoking lecture. This man deserves enormous respect. Take note of 18min 30sec dear BBC:

It has the iPlayer on it’s site, streaming content to UK users only. Ha, but hell there’s ways around that. Streaming? Hardly. Anything that can be played on your computer can be stored on it and shared. A digital copy as you know is a perfect copy. Once on the net, it’s out there and will be bit torrented and limewired and gnutelled and otherwise peer to peer distributed. The BBC is making a lot of enemies giving away free programs to an internet that everyone else is trying to ‘monetise’. At the moment it’s relying on the fact that you have to be slightly dorky to be able to record from the iPlayer, but believe me that will change. It will soon be the work of a moment for my mother to get an iPlayer program off her computer and onto her iPod, iPhone, or whatever device she chooses.

Stephen Fry, The future role of public service broadcasting

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