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Photography bits and bobs from the last month or two

Since vowing to use my Fujifilm compact camera as originally intended (to help me spot photographic opportunities in day to day life) I’ve done pretty well at it. Here are some shots taken over the last month or so, all with the little compact camera. A couple are just snapshots, but most have had some thought put into them.

As an aside, it’s been a good excuse to get more exercise. Being in an office all day doesn’t lead to many opportunities for photography, so I’ve been out and about most evenings after work.

The best moment I had was when walking over the Orme and encountering the Kashmiri mountain goats. The sun was setting right behind, three were stood on the bluff of a little mound, and two of them were fighting. Their coats were haloed by sunlight, and it was amazingly photogenic. Sadly I’d have needed my dSLR to capture it properly, and the little compact had neither the control, the dynamic range, nor the zoom to get a great shot. I did take this little video of them the day before, although it’s far less dramatic. They were just chomping on grass.

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