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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, bye-bye Vista?

The long-standing bug that made booting Linux impossible on my laptop (Samsung Q45) has been fixed in the Ubuntu 8.04 beta. So at long last I can now run it on my laptop.

Colour me very impressed indeed with it. It’s looking and feeling so much more professional since I last booted up an Ubuntu (6.10 I think). The wireless now “just works”, it listed four networks available for me, and that was that, I picked the one I wanted and bam; I was connected, easier and more intuitive than Vista even. The UI is now very tidy and has a lot of extra polish from what I last saw, and the over the top Compiz 3D effects have been toned down to a much nicer and more useful level. It’s far smoother than Vista in the visuals department, and I actually prefer the theme too. I’ve only run it for 30min, so it’s tough to gauge much more than that, but even so, it looks promising. And considering that after installing Vista SP1 I’m still getting explorer crashes, and Photoshop CS3 no longer even loads - I am right this second considering resurrecting my desktop system as a dedicated Photoshop/Lightroom box under WinXP, and nuking the laptop to put Ubuntu on it. The idea of parting ways with the hated Vista is thrilling.


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 25 days, 14hrs, 40mins after the entry and said:

    The long standing bug from Gutsy Gibbon /was/ fixed in Hardy Heron, but there's been a regression and it has broken again.


    So, no Ubuntu for me, because it doesn't boot on Samsung Q45's smiley icon: sad

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