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Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox 3, Safari 3.1 is out, and so is Vista SP1

I’ve been using FF3 since Beta 1, but been unable to use it at work because Web Developer Toolbar didn’t work. Now it does. Rejoice!

Safari 3.1 is now out, and supports CSS3 Fonts. Super sweet! I hope FF3 supports them too, I’ve not actually checked.

Last but not least, Vista SP1 is now out too. This had better fix a whole bunch of stuff, because I loath Vista at the moment.


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 5hrs, 24min, 41sec after the entry and said:

    Well, Safari still completely screws up rendering this website. It keeps applying the print styles to the screen. Thus the menu and forms vanish and all the links get the URL appended to them. Wake up Safari!

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