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The future of Web Standards

Well, I was going to write down my thoughts on the recent W3C debates that have been working their way around designer/developer blogs, and in which I’ve been joining in. But I’ve just read James Bennett’s post on the very same issue, and it would be impossible for me to better it. Go read The Future of Web Standards, it is brilliant.

As a bit of background, there’s been a furore of activity sparked by Andy Clarke calling for the CSS3 Working Group to be disbanded. The topic has moved on somewhat from there. The general gist, especially obvious when reading the comments on these posts, is that web developers and designers are absolutely fed up with the W3C’s complete inability to make progress (among many other failings), and it seems to be kicking up some good passionate debates.

I may post some of my own thoughts in the next day or two, assuming I have any left that haven’t already been said by then.

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