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ActiveCollab goes commercial

ActiveCollab was/is the alternative to Basecamp. Ilija Studen, the developer of ActiveCollab, wanted a free alternative to Basecamp and promised AC would remain free forever. Things appear to have changed.

AC is no longer free, the 1.x branch never will be free. I don’t particularly blame him for choosing this route, he’s put in a hell of a lot of work and he deserves to reap any reward he likes from that effort; but it is disappointing in the extreme to see how this project has changed. It forgot why it exists at all. To be a free Open Source alternative to a for-money web service. The half-nod back to the original intent is the 0.7 branch remaining free - but no longer in development, and no longer linked or advertised in any way from the main site or the blog. that’s a shame, and it reflects badly on the project when something so fundamental and promised so explicitly is retracted and changed. I certainly would not trust Ilija’s ability to deliver on his intentions any longer.

So, are there any alternatives to this Basecamp alternative that do what AC was supposed to do?


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 20hrs, 31mins after the entry and said:

    ProjectPier is a new project taking the old ActiveCollab 0.7 build and developing it further. It is basically ActiveCollab as it was meant to be, but under a new management. I have not yet had chance to look into the project in detail:


  2. Eric Carroll posted 5 days, 6hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    Thank you for the update on this. This was the first site I found that mentioned the Project Pier fork.

    Like you, I don't blame the original developer for going to a paid model, but the pricing seemed a bit steep. I realize it really isn't as much as others, but showing a lump sum instead of the monthly rate makes it harder to swallow. I think a lot of us were just expecting something lower.

    The other thing I noticed was that the site was updated to announce 1.0, but I never received notification like I signed up for. I'm not trying to find things to gripe about, but I get irritated with the "signup for updates!" feature on sites that don't bother to send me the information I signed up for.

    Anyway, I'll definitely be checking out ProjectPier.

  3. Renato Carvalho posted 13 days, 4hrs, 55mins after the entry and said:

    Me too.
    I'm very disappointed with AC became commercial.
    I'm disappointed too with the notification tha I never received.

    It appears that ProjectPier will be the best choice from now.

  4. Editor @ WhyBaseCampSux posted 23 days, 17hrs, 48mins after the entry and said:

    Yes, shame about activeCollab. But besides ProjectPier there are many other alternatives. I’ve compiled quite a list of them at my Basecamp b**** site, some of which are open-source, at:


    Hope this helps others find a good project management solution that meets their needs.

  5. Cathrene posted 2 years, 324 days, 22hrs after the entry and said:

    Another great alternative to active Collab is http://www.proofhub.com/

  6. Amos posted 2 years, 340 days, 22hrs after the entry and said:

    Also checkout http://www.proofhub.com/. It is great project management software, easy to use and fast.

  7. Mendrik posted 3 years, 27 days, 9hrs after the entry and said:

    Well there is always a free alternative around corner smiley icon: smile

  8. shelley posted 3 years, 38 days, 16hrs after the entry and said:

    I completely agree with Amos because I have done work with proofhub and it can handle my projects easily. A great effort and searches they have done.

  9. ispeak|Basecamp Alternative posted 3 years, 152 days, 5hrs after the entry and said:

    Basecamp is no doubt one of the best Project management software. However, many people have also an issue with Basecamp an are trying to find an alternative. I have here an article that has a list of project management software for evaluation. Hope you'll find this interesting and useful. http://www.timedoctor.com/blog/2011/02/02/43-project-management-software-alternatives

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