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The worst terrorist organisation in the world

…is an Orwellian government. Britain is most of the way there already, America not far behind - though it’s a damned sight more belligerent about it, but would you believe Australia is about as bad at the moment? When a guy gets manhandled and arrested for crossing the street, 22hrs in jail and no access to a lawyer, in a city that’s been more-or-less closed down to the public owing to a meeting between politicians, and the wives of politicians… Well, what part of that story is right? How much more effective at spreading fear is a governmental response such as that to percieved terrorism, than any act of terrorism itself?

If you can’t walk among us, you’re not fit to lead us.


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  1. Jay Adamson posted 8 days, 20hrs, 18mins after the entry and said:

    I totally agree with you closing statement on this one Matt. However, I have noticed that over here the whole atmosphere is different when it comes to terrorism and terrorists. It's barely acknowledged, let alone thrown in our faces on a daily basis. Now I'm not sure if it's due to the fact they've never had a state-sponsored terrorist attack here yet, they don't really care, they prefer to report real news, or something else entirely. I will say this, living here is like living in a parallel universe. One where 9/11 never happened, people aren't scared to wonder around at night (and the street lights are dire here, very few and far between) and local councils decided not to stick a CCTV camera nest at every junction, crossing, bus stop and park. Seriously it's like how the UK would be if it was run by the Liberals smiley icon: smile hahaha… well I don't know about that but you get the point. One last thing, check out my flickr, I put up a few pics I took in Sydney during the APEC. Nothing major but I did take one right at the entrance to the Convention Centre where it all took place.

    Right, good post Matt. See you soon

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