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Flickr ditch PayPal, annoy lots of people

A week ago I bought a friend a Flickr Pro account, using PayPal. It went smoothly, and quickly - as PayPal always does. This week I tried to buy another friend a Pro account only to find that the payment process has been changed. PayPal is no longer available, and you must set up a Yahoo Wallet in order to pay. I do not want to set up a Yahoo bloody Wallet. I see no reason why some random company needs to have my card details stored, or my address, or anything else for that matter. As I refuse to fill in real data for my Yahoo account, that means the system (wrongly) throws an error when I try and pay with my card using it (clearly the check on a post-code is against the data Yahoo already have for your account (data a user entered), not actually checked against your banks billing details!).

So, sorry Matt, I’m having to wait until the Flickr people get their act together and re-instate an alternative payment method. When they do, I’ll be buying you a Pro account. Until then, they are out of pocket.

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