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Ubuntu 7.04 and Thunderbird 2 released

The final versions of the new Ubuntu and Thunderbird packages have both been released today. Grab ‘em while they’re hot.

I’ve been using the beta version of Ubuntu 7.04 for a few weeks, and it’s very nice. The improvements from an existing user perspective are not too major, but if you’re new to Ubuntu then they are brilliant. I retract that, they stack up to something big. There’s a new theme, a vastly improved network and wireless manager, 3D desktop effects enabled at a click, and a host of other tweaks to make the whole experience nicer and smoother, most especially when trying to view multi-media. A new feature I was not aware of until today - Ubuntu now supports reading and writing to NTFS formatted Windows partitions. Without any need to do anything special. Just use them like a normal drive. The website seems to have been uglified while the hits are so high - I expect it to be made pretty again after the surge in demand passes.

Thunderbird 2 has now got a more polished interface, tagging, and a number of smartened and streamlined elements inclusing much nicer search functionality - but nothing too major to shout about from a user perspective; though there have been major changes to the code behind-the-scenes to enable a more stable and much faster experience.

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