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Greg Bear's EON, as a movie trailer

EON was written in 1985 and looks to a hypothetical future which is now in fact our past. It plays out as though a large asteroid nearly struck Earth but instead assumed an orbit around us. In the book (and through those 1985 eyes) it transpires that in 1999 Russia and the USA are still the two major super-powers. Both visit the asteroid and find out some amazing things. Then, armageddon.

It would have made a brilliant film, but unfortunately it could not do so any more without some substantial ‘interpritation’ (which is the trouble with a ‘futuristic’ book which is actually set a few years ago). Anyway, CGsociety have some very talented artists, and they ran a competition to produce a movie trailer based on the book. The results are outstanding, you can see the top three entries here.

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