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My 26th, and other happenings

I’ve had a really nice time over the last week or so, and have been kept pretty busy too. That being the case I’ve only just gotten around to preparing the photo’s and writing a blog entry about recent shinnanigans and tomfoolery.

It was my 26th birthday last Tuesday, which was cool. My parents and little brother came down the weekend before to say hello, and stayed the night too. That was a nice weekend - we even managed to walk up to the Little Orme and back, then the next day walk around the shore and into Deganwy before walking back via the main road. My legs knew I’d been out by the time everyone left on Sunday afternoon! Tuesday itself was a work day, and we all wandered to the pub for a birthday lunch which was very nice. I say all, Joel actually didn’t, under the excuse of his shiny new wife having made him dinner. smiley icon: wink Tuesday night I wandered over into Bangor to meet Ben, Heather and Samanta for beers. I had a wicked night thank you all! Not being a drinker we ended up at ben’s, were joined by Amy and the girl who’s name I have forgotten (sorry!) and we promptly piled on Ben’s bed to watch a movie, chat, and have a damned good chill out. I’m fairly sure Heath’s actually fell asleep next to me by the time 1am rolled by! Awww! smiley icon: laugh

This weekend was Mothers Day, so I went back home for the weekend, and had one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It was great to see everyone again, two nights in a row too! Heck, I even managed to pull it off despite both nights being 1 to 2am-ers (though some people fell asleep on me - litterally *looks at Kate* smiley icon: wink )! Who says I’m getting too old? smiley icon: joke Well OK, maybe I am - I sure slept well the next night.


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  1. Gareth Evans posted 5 days, 20hrs, 42mins after the entry and said:

    Happy Birthday Matt and nice new Golf too……Im jealous over here! Git.


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