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While you were sleeping

For the first time in a very long time indeed, I’ve done something which could be considered art. Yeah i know, it’s shocking!

The image you see attached to this entry is one I’m quite happy with, for two reasons. One of those is that I quite like the picture itself. The other is it means that I’m back into being creative after years and years of not having produced any original artwork. I don’t really count photography as the same thing, because at the moment I’m not very arty with it - I’m still learning the ropes, and it shows. This, on the other hand, has been crafted. I hope you like it, and please note that there are a few high resolution widescreen wallpaper versions which show the detail an awful lot better.

As a side note; I’m not happy with the way this blog handles this sort of post. I have only one image to show, and it belongs in the images section because that’s what it is - but that then leaves this whole entry somewhat empty. I’ll have to have a think about that and see if I can find a better way to make these ‘micro-posts’.


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  1. Joel Bradbury posted 1 days, 20hrs, 31mins after the entry and said:

    ive had the same problem with the "micro-post" thing.
    You should really try moving to word press, with a K2 theme.
    They've done the same thing but they've called them asides.

  2. Joel Bradbury posted 1 days, 20hrs, 33mins after the entry and said:

    oh, also, I like the wallpaper. Its really nice.
    (gemma likes it too)

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 9hrs, 50mins after the entry and said:

    Cheers Joel (and Gemma!).

    I've considered using a pre-built CMS for a year or two, but the time it takes to learn the CMS system and bending it to my will is just as long as if I ever sat down and coded my own system. *sigh* Truth is I just can't be bothered with back-end code any more. Maybe if I had a month off work I'd be a little more motivated to finish the re-build of this website. Spending all day doing websites makes the idea of spending all evening building a website a little less appealing than it used to be.

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