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Karova newsletter

As mentioned in previous posts, there are exciting things happening at Karova, and as part of that there’s a whole new design to help put some icing on the Karova Cake. While the main site is not yet ready to debut, I couldn’t help but show a taster of things to come by way of our very first Karova Newsletter, which popped into inboxs earlier this month.

This is the most graphically ambitious e-marketing I personally have attempted, and it was an interesting experience learning how the world of HTML/CSS works in an inbox compared to on the web (and even how it works in an inbox that’s on the web - Gmail I’m looking at you). Fortunately, with the way we code at Karova, there wasn’t too much extra work and the learning curve was gentle. I’m pleased (and relieved) that feedback on the design of the newsletter itself has so far been good. I hope you like the newsletter, and as always any and all critique is welcome (as long as it’s polite smiley icon: smile ).

a screen-shot of the February newsletter

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