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Please, stop already about the iPhone

The internet over the last day or two has been abuzz with rabid Mac fans praising the new iPhone. That isn’t out yet. I’m already sick of hearing about it. It is not revolutionary. It’s evolutionary, and people need to calm down.

Ok, I can understand getting a little worked up about new products released by a manufacturer who has your brand loyalty. I can understand the the iPhone is certainly one of the best looking phones ever, and has a few nice touches to make it excell above the competition. But I can not understand people claiming this is revolutionary or utterly amazing, manna from heaven. It’s a phone. It runs a popular OS (If you can count 4-5% global penetration as ‘popular’). It has a touch screen and acts as a media player. Thumbs up for all of that.
Only I’ve got a funny feeling its all been done before.

Long story short - it’s a nice phone, it improves on the existing touch-screen Microsoft Windows running phones in a number of areas, but that’s about it. And as an aside, I’m not thrilled by Safari (with it’s buggy webkit renderer) - I’d far rather Firefox mobile, thank you. Now if only the vocal minority of digg users and blog writers would shut up about it, we can all get on with life. On the other hand, some people are being more reasonable, and even making good criticism.

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