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Piracy: the better choice

I don’t, and never have. But with all the mistakes the major companies are making, I’m starting to agree. Piracy is the better choice in all manner of ways.

Pirated content is the same quality (and in many cases, thanks to media companies DRM having been removed, better quality), it has none of the stupid un-skipable “don’t pirate me you thieving scum bag” pre-menu “features” of a bought DVD (incidentally DVD guys, I resent being treated as a criminal as soon as I insert the disc I just paid for. You might want to think about how much that pisses off legit users, and how hilariously in-effective it is against actual pirates). You don’t need to spend thousands on new ‘crippled by design’ hardware and software to play it back with. No stupid (and completely artificial) ‘compatibility issues’. You just get it and play it on your PC. No fuss, no bother. No huge expense. Piracy really does sound like the only consumer friendly option. And that’s sad.

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