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Predicted Increase in crime in UK, 'chemical castration' propsed solution?!

Plans are being considered to tackle what could be Britain’s first rise in crime in 12 years if there is a decline in the economy, a leaked report shows. The report suggests other strategies for fighting crime, including “chemical castration” and alcohol rationing.

BBC News report

The Chemical castration bit was the part that grabbed my attention in utter disgust and left me incredulous. The measure is a suggestion for dealing with the possibility of increased crime in the UK. Now, quite why chemical castration suddenly becomes a viable suggestion purely because crime rates might go up, I do not know. It is, surely, a violation of human rights (assuming it would be enforced rather than voluntary). Why not return to medieval ‘justice’ and cut off the hands of those that we think have been stealing while we are at it?

No harm should ever be committed to a prisoner, neither temporary or permanent harm - purely because the system which dictates whether someone is guilty or innocent is not perfect. There are miscarriages of justice. There are mistakes made. It is very rare that we can be absolutely sure that someone is guilty - and to physically harm, temporarily or permanently, is to raise the very real spectre of hurting someone that doesn’t deserve it. Bad enough that the may get banged up for a few years, without making them incapable of having kids.

The suggestion is disgraceful, and it’s quite shocking that this sort of inhumane crap can be suggested at all, most certainly when put in it’s current context - a ‘possibility’ of increased crime for the first time in 12 years. Abhorrent.


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  1. Chris Murphy posted 16 days, 5hrs, 53mins after the entry and said:

    Wow. That is certainly extreme. The last time I heard about chemical castration was in India, where forced sterilization by the government was intended to control population explosion. Not to mention the racial profiling that might occur - the backlash would only serve to increase crime if anything.

    We all know prohibition on any level to any degree does not work as well as politicians might dream.

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