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Linux like multiple workspaces on WinXP

Multiple desktops are a feature that I’m finding more and more useful on Ubuntu. I can have an entire workspace with all open applications related to a project I’m working on, then just switch to a different workspace with all the applications for an entirely different project. Think of it sort of like tabs, but for your entire desktop rather than just for Firefox. It’s something I wanted desperately at work, as I often need to juggle multiple instances of the same application when I’m working on two projects at the same time. Fortunately it turns out Microsoft made a Power Toy called ”Virtual Desktop Manager” that does the same thing. Now I can have one desktop for Project A, and then when I need to dive onto Project B, I just switch to a new desktop that’s completely clutter free.


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 57min, 10sec after the entry and said:

    If you want it to behave like it does on Linux, make sure you turn off 'shared desktops' in the options - otherwise your start bar gets shared across the multiple workspaces - which rather defeats the point.

  2. Little Bro posted 5hrs, 21min, 17sec after the entry and said:

    Cool, i might have to get this, will help when i'm editing videos etc.

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