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Microsoft Photosynth

A new and hard to explain product from Microsoft. From what I understand, it crawls the web for photos, then create a 3D model of them all, and allows you to dynamically ‘walk around’.

Sadly it’s a Windows only thing. Looks like there’s still a way to go before everyone at Microsoft understands
‘cross platform == good’ && ‘open source == good’


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 1hrs, 21min, 58sec after the entry and said:

    Actually, this is really impressive. Even worth dusting off Internet Explorer for.

    Turns out there are only four demo sets to use, but just by playing with it, it's very clear the potential this has, both for a personal photoset (think about being able to navigate in 3D through all those photo's of your kid's first Christmas), and group sets (imagine getting a photo-pool from your last holiday with friends together, and being able to merge everyone's photo's into a 3D environment).

    Apply this to http://flickr.com , or just the web in general, and… wow!

  2. Little Bro posted 20hrs, 49min, 24sec after the entry and said:

    Errmm, i fail to see the point? And how can it make it 3D? does it detect the contours or something?

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