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Flag-burning could become crime

Why is our government continuously removing or trying to remove rights and privileges from it’s citizens? Rights that have been hard won and point to an enlightened society. Are we so set on falling backwards in time?

The people cooking up this ridiculous motion are clearly deluded as to what a flag is. A flag, dear people, is a bit of cloth. It is an icon for an idea - nothing more. If I want to burn a flag, well dammit I’ll go burn one - and why exactly should anyone concern themselves with it? It’s my right to say what I want, and being able to burn a flag is part of that right. By doing so I make a statement, and it is not up to you to decide whether I can or can not make that statement. Unfortunately we don’t truly have free speech any more do we? It’s another one of those rights we’re gradually waving goodbye to, without a seeming care in the world. Along with all of these.

Further down the article it’s disclosed that the proposals also include action to ban demonstrators from covering their faces to avoid police scrutiny. But that this did not include Muslim women wearing the veil. Well how the hell does that work?!

These are all stupid knee jerk reactions that have not been thought through and which will cause nothing but trouble. Britain was Great because it was largely tolerant, and because anyone could air any view without threat of legal action. This is changing, and Britain is a worse place for it. If we start to dictate what people can and can not say, how are we better than those ‘terrorists’ we keep hearing so much about, who seek to impose their will on us? How long before our own government, in the name of anti-terrorism, dictate what people can and can’t think - achieving the terrorists goals for them!? How long before we become a fascist regime under the guise of a democracy? No erosion of our hard-won rights should be tolerated, for if they are, another erosion will occur. And another, and another. It is already happening, and it is sickening.

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