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Ubuntu 6.10 released

The final version of Ubuntu 6.10 has now been released.

6.10 or ‘Edgy Eft’ as it is code-named, brings Ubuntu back to a 6 month release schedule. This version’s focus was adding ‘cutting edge’ stuff, whereas the last version (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) focused on a visual re-fresh and being rock-stable for lang term support and corporate use. By nature of the focus of Edgy it includes a number of beta quality software releases, thus 6.10 is not likely to be as stable as 6.06 LTS (which really is solid as a rock, I’ve never had it crash), but it will have quite a few cutting-edge shiny new things to play with.

For those that are curious, the Ubuntu naming convention gets it’s first half from the year and the second from the month in which that version was released. The next release is scheduled to be 7.04, code-named ‘Feisty Fawn’ and will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects. We expect this to be a very gratifying release for both users and developers.

For anyone that’s curious you can take a look at Ubuntu, and then download the operating system, burn it to a CD, pop it in your computer and just re-start the PC (or Mac) to try it out, without changing anything on your hard disc. You can install it after you’ve tried it if you like.

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